30 Tips For A Low Budget Wedding

tips for low budget wedding
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Low Budget Wedding

If you are planning for a low budget wedding then these tips are for you. By implementing these tips you can arrange a well-served low budget wedding easily.

Who says marriage does not necessarily mean an unlimited budget. If yours is tight enough, know that there are many ways to save money while preparing for an event that meets your expectations.

We already discussed an idea for a low budget wedding on our blog. If you were still unaware of it then just read how you can use green wedding ideas under your budget. Click the link below to read the full article about green wedding unique ideas.

Green Wedding: Everything to Organize a Green Wedding

Marriage is a unique day in life just as your spouse’s original marriage proposal was. Thus, this unique ceremony must unfold as in our dreams. Unfortunately, whether you are organizing an original or more traditional wedding, all this comes at a cost. If you cannot afford to spend so much on your D-Day, follow these tips that will help you prepare for an equally successful celebration, with cheap wedding decor for example then if you had a higher budget.

Eliminate The Superfluous.

Take each element of your big day and ask each time the question: do I care, would I miss it?

Call On Your Loved Ones.

To avoid additional costs, ask your friends to give you a hand in the preparations.

Plan Ahead To Save, Be Organized.

By booking some services in advance or shopping months before, you will have more choices and the time to do good business!

Reduce The Guest List.

It is better to invite fewer people and better receive them than to try to invite too many people and be overwhelmed by numbers.

Get Married Off Season.

By avoiding spring and summer, and especially May and September, you can get benefits at a better price.

Avoid Getting Married On A Saturday.

This is the most requested day.

Enjoy A Family Home For An Intimate Wedding.

Invite your loved ones to your home, a relative’s house or a friend’s house and organize a most personal celebration.

Attend The Wedding Fairs.

Companies often realize discounts and promotional offers.

Write Your Wedding Invitation By Hand.

This step certainly takes time but your guests will be touched to receive a homemade invitation card.

  • Send your wedding invitations by email to further reduce costs.
  • Plan a gift per couple rather than a gift per guest.

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Make Your Gifts For Your Guests.

They will only be more affected and this will allow you to customize them for original wedding gifts.

  • Add your wedding thank you speech to the little gift on D-Day to avoid having to send it.

Get Started in DIY.

Making your wedding decorations is a good way to save money but also to personalize your event as much as possible.

Visit Flea Markets And Yard Sales.

Nothing like recovering old items to bring down your budget. Feel free to use the wonders of your attic for cheap wedding decor.

Go For Green Plants.

They are more economical than flowers and just as elegant.

  • Use natural elements for your decoration, like dead leaves to pick up during a walk in the forest.
  • If you care about flowers, pick them in season. They will cost you less than exotic varieties from elsewhere.
  • Collect pots of yogurts and other everyday objects to change into candle holders and decorative elements of all kinds.

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Reduce The Amount Of Food.

Guests often say they eat too much during a wedding. Concentrate on the essential and make qualitative rather than quantitative.

  • Choose fresh, local and seasonal foods. Avoid red fruits and exotic flavors.
  • Choose sparkling wine and save champagne.

Limit Alcohol In Abundance.

A sangria as an aperitif and wine and beer at the table will be largely sufficient.

Install A Few Large Tables Rather Than Many Small Ones.

You will divide the price of centerpieces, tablecloths and other wedding table decorations.

  • Choose the same musician or DJ for the ceremony and the evening.

Take Advantage Of End-Of-Season Sales.

Watch for the promotions put on by your favorite wedding dress shops.

  • Rent your wedding dress rather than buying it.
  • If you do not want to be too much makeup you can do your make-up wedding alone or with the help of a friend by performing several tests before.

Wear Family Jewels.

Instead of buying new, opt for accessories with a real story.

Wait To Print All Your Photos.

Ask to receive them on a CD rather than on paper. Once your finances are fixed, you will be able to print your favorite shots.

It only takes a little to make a beautiful wedding decoration without spending miles and cents. With all these savings, you may be able to go on a honeymoon in a heavenly destination. If you still miss some Euros, do not hesitate to place an original wedding urn on a table so that your guests can participate in this beautiful project.

Feel free to mention some more unique low budget wedding ideas in the comment box if you know.

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