Green Wedding: Everything To Organize A Green Wedding

how to organize green wedding
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How to Organize Green Wedding: Everything To Know

If you are an eco-conscious and your partner shares your values, why not organize a green wedding? You will find all the ideas you will need, step by step, in this article!

You want to set up an original and environmentally friendly wedding to contribute as much as possible to protect the planet? Apply this philosophy to your day by taking responsible, thoughtful, and consistent actions with your principles.

Those starting in the green adventure will discover plenty of useful tips for choosing wedding invitations, decorating, guest gifts, and a wedding meal in keeping with the latest trends.

Know that your mission will be all the easier if you are supervised at any time by an organization specialized in a green wedding whose address book will meet your requirements. In the meantime, here you ‘ll find ideas that will help you better plan your eco-responsible wedding.

Offset CO2 Emissions

For the round trips of guests and even married, the choice of a means of transport little or no polluting will be a nice gesture for the environment. To reduce your carbon footprint, move on foot when it comes to short distances or makes your bike trips.

When your guests are numerous and the course too long, prefer the rental of a bus rather than a procession composed of several cars, unless you opt for electric vehicles!

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Local Products For The Meal

As we know, industrial farming has a strong impact on the environment. Thinking of a vegan or vegetarian wedding meal certainly does not mean giving up originality and good flavors. More and more caterers will propose you varied and international menus answering these criteria.

Others will offer organic meat and fish from sustainable fishing if you do not expect to spend traditional dishes on the day of the festivities.

Look for a caterer able to make a meal from organic, fresh, seasonal and local produce. Nothing like the discovery of the terroir and the guarantee that the products consumed at your wedding have not traveled more kilometers than you or your guests!

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Many chefs are keen to concoct a healthy and ethical banquet, just as your wine merchant can direct you to bottles of wine and champagne from organic farming.

Feel free to discuss your concerns with your wedding party team, find out where the products come from, ask if they are labeled, how they were grown and any other issues that may be of concern to you.

Do not forget the practical side of the banquet, you will be happy to know that there are biodegradable and refined dishes that will make a very nice effect in your wedding table decoration or that of the cocktail, especially if you have chosen a country theme.


Save the forest! Nowadays, you will find easily original wedding invitations made from recycled paper or seeded paper, the latter allowing your guests to plant in the ground their card once your festivity has elapsed!

The idea of ​​a save-the-date video is also a good alternative to paper, much more suited to social networks and current means of communication.

Ethics do not necessarily cost more. With regard to your decoration, for example, you can divert everyday objects and furniture, put them back in good condition, and adapt them to your wishes whether for the benches of the ceremony, the altar, the tables of the relaxation corner or an original candy bar made with shelves or chest of drawers whose drawers will be filled with sweets.

Solidarity Gifts

When creating your wedding list, in a spirit of solidarity, think about the social projects that are important to you and donate some of the donations given by your guests to an association or NGO that you know and support causes whether local or international.

If however, the list seems to you very useful to start your matrimonial life, do not give it up but add to these products of fair trade or any other ethical approach.

In the same way, if you are looking for original wedding gifts to offer to your guests, you have the opportunity to offer seeds and plants for the good cause but also virtual trees that will be used for the reforestation of the planet.

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For any other idea, a sweetness or an object, choose preferably handcrafted gifts.

From wedding decoration to gifts, from meals to printing your announcements and photos, each service can be the subject of a decision so that your wedding is responsible, ecological and supportive.

If you manage to reduce toxic substances and waste, if you are attentive to the circuits and places of production of what you consume on D-day, we can say that it is an excellent start for a superb eco-friendly wedding!

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