Indian Wedding Rituals

Indian wedding Rituals
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Indian Wedding

Indian Wedding Rituals. The wedding is the most important part of life for males as well as females. Every Religion has its own rituals for the wedding. Indian wedding customs are really interesting. The schedule of an Indian wedding lasts for days or weeks. What do you need to expect while attending the first Indian wedding?. How Indians celebrate their wedding ceremony. We are compiling this information after complete the research.

Too Much Awesomeness Before The Indian Wedding

Tarik Ceremony

This ceremony is one of the interesting rituals of Indian weddings. Generally, it took place one month before the wedding. But nowadays this Tarik ceremony can be arranged according to families. In Indian culture man offer of marriage is usually accepted by female family members. Males present gifts to the groom and adorned his forehead with yellow kumkum powder.

First Days

An Indian wedding usually lasts for three or more days. The first night, Ganesh Poojah held on gathering both families of groom and brides. That gathering is very informal, where two different families come to know about each other.

Second Day

On the second day, women gather for Mehndi and Sangeet preparations. Different arts are painted on the bride’s hands and it is a tough task for the bride as Mehndi takes 6 hours to dry. Then after Mehndi dried, the family members and friends of both brides and groom gather for Sangeet. Where different songs are played. Women and single girls perform a dance on different songs. That night proves to be a very special night for the groom as well as for the bride’s family.


The last day is the day of the final marriage. On this day the marriage of groom and brides declared. In the morning a Mandap is constructed with the help of four pillars. Each pillar symbolizes one of the four parents. Then groom feet has to be washed. When the feet of the groom is being washed. His sisters-in-law try to steal his shoes. Then the groom has to pay his sisters-in-law to get back his shoes. That ritual is very interesting.

Entrance Of Groom

This ceremony starts at the groom’s entrance.he is sitting on a white horse and in a circle around the horse, the family members and his friends are dancing for the celebration of their groom’s marriage. When the groom descends from the white horse. He has to meet up with brides family members. Then the elders of the bride’s family present gifts to the groom. This is a sign of love and prosperity.then the entrance of the bride takes place and both couples place the floral garland around their neck to symbolize their acceptance for each other.

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The Customs

Pandit, groom, bride and their families sat under the Mandap around the fire placed in a circle. Fire symbolizes the great part of a new life. Fire means that we are praying to Agni to give couples a long life. Then the couple revolves around Agni 7 times. According to Hinduism, there is no just one life but there are seven lives of a person and revolving seven-time around Agni symbolizes that the couple will be again meet in the next life. Then after Revolving around Agni the groom has to put the necklace called Mangalsutra in the bride’s neck and that is the last part of the marriage ceremony. And now couples are in the bond of marriage with each other. Then different dishes are served to guests including rice, mutton, and many other dishes. Then after a meal. The groom’s family takes the bride with them to her new house. Then a pot in which rice is stored is hit by the bride and the bride has to put his feet in red-colored liquid. And the bride enters her new house.

After the Marriage (Indian Wedding Rituals)

After different ceremonies, the bride and groom talk with each other and planned about their new family members. And then after a few weeks passed both husband and wife go for HoneyMoon which means that they are going to spend a good time in a beautiful place. they enjoy visiting beautiful places.

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Importance of Indian wedding Rituals

Indian wedding has great importance. It has many impressable customs. According to the Indian culture wedding ceremony period males the whole family happy.the whole family forgets their sadness and gathers together for a celebration. So the Cultures of every country is different but important and exciting Cultures are present in there.

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