Our Tips For Choosing Your Wedding Dress

Our tips for choosing your wedding dress
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Buying your wedding dress can sometimes cause you to feel overwhelmed. Anything can happen when you buy the dress, the one you have dreamed of since your childhood when you put a towel on your head pretending that it is a veil. In reality, you could try dozens of dresses and decide that none of them suit you. You could also choose the first dress you tried.

When you’re ready to buy your wedding dress, check out these tips to help you find the dress of your dreams.

1- Take into account the place and the date of your reception

Knowing the place and date of your wedding will help you target your search. Indeed, your dress must be in harmony with the chosen frame. A ball gown with a long train would not be suitable for a ceremony at the beach! You should also take into account the weather on D-day. Most fabrics are suitable all year round, but some, such as linen and organ, are more suitable in hot weather, while velvet and brocade are better suited for winter.

2- Establish a budget

Knowing the limits of what you can spend is essential when purchasing your wedding dress. Give your budget to the salesperson before she starts to take out the dresses. Thus, you will not risk falling in love with a dress that is not within your means. When setting your budget, don’t forget to take into account the accessories you will need and potential additional costs (touch-ups, shipping costs, dry cleaning, etc.).

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3- Anticipate the purchase of your wedding dress

Start looking for your wedding dress at least six months in advance. Be aware that it takes approximately four months for a manufacturer to create a dress and another two months for retouching. Very elaborate dresses will take longer. If you’re short on time, many stores take urgent orders for an additional fee, but your choices will likely be limited.

4- Choose the dress suited to your body type

Each dress has a dress. So be sure to choose the one that will celebrate your figure! Do some research online or review some wedding magazines to get an idea of ​​the type of dress that’s right for you.

Discover the most popular wedding dress silhouettes:

The ball gown: This style is what many describe as the classic “princess” dress. This dress, with a fitted bodice and a loose skirt, will be perfect for a tall woman, with an A or V morphology.

The trapeze dress: Similar to the ball gown, it is the most trendy silhouette. A fitted dress with an A-shaped skirt that flares at the waist.

Trumpet dress: It is adjusted from the neckline to the hips, then flares down. The ideal dress for hourglass or 8-shaped

The mermaid dress: The mermaid dress looks a bit like the trumpet dress, but it flares only around the middle of the calf.

The sheath dress: This dress fully hugs the body and requires a fine silhouette, including an X or 8 morphology.

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5- Get help from the right people!

You may need advice from a few trusted people, but not too much! Those around you with strong opinions can be confusing and frustrating. Invite one or two people who know your tastes, who will be honest with you and who you trust. But above all, don’t forget that your instinct will also help you find the dress that you like!

6- Choose a dress in which you will feel completely comfortable

Everyone wants to be in top shape and look the best on their wedding day, but comfort is also very important. On D-Day, you will be very busy chatting with your loved ones, making sure everything is going well, having fun, letting yourself go on the dance floor and enjoying your new husband. You would not want to spend this day putting on your bustier and checking that your bra is not visible. So choose a beautiful dress that will be one with you.

7- keep an open mind

Be open-minded when you go to buy your wedding dress. You will never have your crush until you have tried on a few dresses. Plus, you may end up choosing a dress that you wouldn’t even have thought of. A dress can look ordinary on the hanger, but look good when worn. On the other hand, never let yourself be convinced to buy a dress that you haven’t fallen in love with.

8- Choose the dress that suits you and forget the size

Wedding dresses are often smaller than ready-to-wear. If you normally wear 36, you may need a 38. Do not worry about the numbers and don’t insist on a smaller size because you mean to lose weight before the wedding. Order the dress that fits you at the time of fitting. An exchange at the last moment will only bring you more stress and an additional cost!

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