Top 10 Pre-Wedding Photoshoot Ideas

Pre-Wedding Photoshoot Ideas

A wedding is an important time for both couples. There are many rituals relating to the wedding and these rituals are in every religion. But there is present a difference between these rituals. But mostly in the Christian z, the rituals are very interesting. The most interesting ritual is a photoshoot before the wedding. Now as a photographer we can better tell you the best ideas for a photoshoot before the wedding. Now here we tried to compile the top 12 ideas for a Pre-Wedding Photoshoot. 


For this photoshoot accessories, you need are given below. Here we just share my suggestions for accessories which I think are awesome.
1- A tripod (Buy It Here)
2- A DSLR Camera (Buy It Here)
3- A selfie Stick (Buy It Here)
4- Camera Light Stand (Buy It Here)
5- Green Background Paper (Buy It Here)
6- Mobile (Just need a good Ram mobile)

1- Groom In The Bride’s Hand

First, a girl needed to bend down and to blow focusing on their hand. On the other band by using the green wallpaper the boy needed to stand with the umbrella and look like that he is falling and both images are clicked. Remove the green screen of the groom’s image by using removing or by using Adobe Photoshop, then after you need to put the groom in the girl’s hand, that’s it your beautiful image is ready.

2-Kissing The Girl’s Forehead

The second idea is very interesting. First, both couples needed to sit down and the groom’s hand is on the bride’s hand, which will add a look to the image then the groom needs to kiss the forehead of the bride.

3-Groom with Umbrella And Kissing The Bride’s Forehead.

First of all, both couples needed to stand in a straight position and the groom’s hand is on the bride’s   Waist and then the girl’s hand in the boy’s hand and the same hand the groom catches the umbrella and then he needs to kiss the forehead of the bride.
kissing the bride

4-Sea-Side Photoshoot

Groom and bride need to go to the seaside and then both couples need to hug each other. The nose of the groom and bride touch each other and then the image is clicked.
bride groom photo shoot sea side

5-Jungle Photoshoot

First, both couples need to go to the jungle and if there is any few meter wall, then the girl need to climb that wall and groom handling the hand of the bride and both are seeing each other and picture is clicked. That picture will be a lovely memory.
Jungle Photoshoot

6- Drunk Photoshoot

You need a bottle of Bear and one glass, the bride needs to sit in the front of Groom, The first groom is drinking the bottle of beer and on the other side Groom holds a glass of beer but he is watching the bride’s face and then the image is clicked.

drunk shoot

7- Photoshoot in a Garden

Both couples needed to go to the garden then groom need to Bend like a denting position and on his back the bride’s need to hold a stick looking like she is beating the groom and in front of Groom a chart board is placed and “Hunt is Over” is write on that chart board. Then the image will be clicked.
photoshoot in garden
couple shoot in garden

8-Kissing Photoshoot

Then in that photoshoot both couples need to go a flower a Garden there in hugging position Groom will kiss on the lips of the bride and then the image will be clicked.

9-Photoshoot With Dog

This photoshoot is quite interesting than others here you need a dog and in his neck a necklace of the flower with a board on which “me too” is written. Then both couples need to take the “I do” board in their hands and after that image is clicked.
with dog photo shoot

10- Stairs Photoshoot

Here in this pose, the bride needed to sit on the Stairs and he needs to hold a beautiful baby dog and all need to see directly to the camera and then the image is clicked.

couple at stairs

Top 10 Pre-Wedding Photoshoot Ideas

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